Sermon Notes April 24, 2022

The Bible as Literature                          “How to Bible”

Textual Credibility

1. Here’s the question: Isn’t it true (the thinking goes) that the Bible isn’t reliable because it’s so _____________ and has been __________________so many times.

2. The integrity of any ancient writing is determined by the _____________________ of documented manuscripts, or _____________________ of manuscripts that we can examine.

3. So, how does the Bible compare?

      (a) There are over __________________ handwritten                manuscripts in the Greek language in support of the New Testament alone.

       (b)  Many of the earliest copies are separated from the originals by only _________________________________.

       (c)    The Old Testament is richly supported by the discovery of the ______________________________in 1947.

Historical Accuracy

4. The Biblical text may have been preserved with integrity but that doesn’t mean what it says is _________________.    The original writers may have ___________________.                                      

5. Some examples:                                                              (a)  Sodom and Gomorrah, Genesis 18 and 19                 (b)  King David – like mythical King Arthur                           (c)   A Galilean fishing boat – seats _________

6.  What about all the contradictions?