Sermon Notes December 31, 2023

Killing Giants                                                                     “No Different” 

1 Samuel 17:1-3 Now the Philistines gathered their forces for war and assembled at Sokoh in Judah. They pitched camp at Ephes Dammim, between Sokoh and Azekah. Saul and the Israelites assembled and camped in the Valley of Elah and drew up their battle line to meet the Philistines.  The Philistines occupied one hill and the Israelites another, with the valley between them. 

See 1 Samuel 17:4-31; pew Bible page  445 

  1. Two radically different reactions to Goliath:                      
  2. A) “Giant avoidance,” the minute the giant steps out,           


  1. B) “Giant engagement,” like David, they choose to                   


  1. What lessons does David teach us?                           
  2. A) He did the “math of __________________________.”  
  3. B) He saw Goliath as a challenge_________________  

          It meant Goliath was really calling out                                             


1 Samuel 17:32-37 

  1. C) He remembered how _________________God had     

          been to him, time and again.                                                            

          God was bigger than Goliath!   

See 1 Samuel 17:40-51;